Party Monsters project is in full swing.

Party Monsters Club
3 min readApr 26, 2023

Hello, dear readers!
For those unfamiliar — Party Monsters is an exclusive, new, value-orientated cryptocurrency and NFT project. Only the selected few from the Whitelist will be able to purchase Party Monsters Coins during coin sales, and mint a highly rewarding Party Monsters NFT from the upcoming Party Monsters Club NFT collection.

The Party Monsters Club NFT collection is… the most rewarding NFT project till now. There hasn’t been a single NFT “project” providing so much value, and giving that many benefits to their NFT buyers and community.
Usually, when you hear “NFT”, your first thought is “worthless.”, and, in most cases, you are very right. But that is only because wrong people, who don’t really care about crypto/blockchain and what it represents, nor care about this great innovation that NFTs are, people who only saw an opportunity to cash in on quick.

Party Monsters Club is different. Different in every aspect.

The list of benefits that you’ll enjoy from minting and owning a Party Monster is insane. Among others, you get:
a free VIP in the Party Monsters night club, every time you attend.
a welcome drink (bottle) on the house, when you decide to visit us
Party Monsters Coin airdropped to your wallet in the value of what you spent on minting your Party Monster (yep, it’s essentially a free mint!)
50% of the night club’s earnings airdropped to those who minted themselves a Party Monsters during pre-sale, for 1 year
— Party Monsters NFT staking
a phyisical replica of the Party Monster you minted
whitelist spot in all future projects associated to or created/run by Party Monsters Club, both — NFT collections and cryptocurrency projects
… and more.

In order to be able to mint yourself a Party Monster and enjoy in all those benefits, you must be whitelisted. In order to get whitelisted, you must purchase and hold some Party Monsters Coins during the upcoming coin sales. The more Party Monster Coins you hold, the bigger the chance of you getting whitelisted for the NFT drop.

And what exactly is the Party Monsters Coin? Oh, boy.
We’re gonna make the Party Monsters Coin the next big thing. The amount of room we left for growth is INSANE. The coin will sell for just 0.00000001$ during the private pre-sale, and for just 0.00000002$ during the private sale.
This means that, for only 50$, you can purchase 5 BILLION Party Monsters Coins.
Not only that the growth potential is incredible, there are other perks and benefits that you’ll enjoy in by purchasing and owning Party Monsters Coins, such as:
— You get 1 whitelist spot for the upcoming Party Monsters Club NFT drop, and by minting yourself a Party Monster NFT, you get all sorts of benefits
— Multiple airdrops by projects associated with Party Monsters Club
— Whitelist spot in all future projects by Party Monsters Club and associates
— all travel and accomodation expenses PAID BY US for the biggest supporters, so they can have an unforgettable experience when they attend the Party Monsters night club grand opening.

We’re truly building something huge here, a huge project.
At the same time, we want only the best for Party Monsters Club supporters and our community. Whatever we do, we’ll have your best interests on our minds. We’ll put our maximum into this and try our best to make the Party Monsters project a huge success story for the whole community.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed it, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Much love!